Educator Professional Development

Acquiring Art Skills to Spark Creativity

At ArtStart we believe teaching is an art and the more confidence and skill general educators experience in their own personal art making, the better they can support an individual student’s artistic and academic growth.

The goal of our professional development (PD) program is to support generalists as they explore their own artistry and transfer that knowledge and skill to enhance their teaching methods.

We like to design workshops collaboratively with a team/school so the PD meets the needs of educators.

We encourage administrators to join the group. Or better yet, administrators put together their own group and grow in artistry and support of arts education.

It is important to note that our professional development program is not intended to replace the visual arts specialist. Rather our PD program gives the generalist the knowledge and skills to provide a new pathway to learning in academic subject matter.

Specifics of our PD model include:
  • Art workshops held virtually
  • Continuing education units (CEUs) offered
  • Small group learning
  • Hands-on art projects with guided instruction modeling the artistic process
  • Introduction and development of skills, techniques and processes specific to an art material and/or art form
  • A reflective assessment process rooted in classroom practice
  • All materials provided to educators except scissors and staplers and included in the price.

Price varies.

These art lessons taught by ArtStart’s professional artists have given our 3rd and 4th grade teams the opportunity to learn together and to have the necessary art skills to be able to then teach art lessons to their students with confidence. This was a journey that will not end with the closing of these staff art lessons. The beauty of the artwork will live on in our children.

~SPPS Integration Specialist

For more information or to book a PD experience for your team of school, please contact Anne Sawyer.

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