The Three R'sThe Three R'sThe Three R's

The 3 R’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle workshops emphasize using discards, scraps, and other materials destined for the landfill to create an artistic product. Youth build basic art skills and learn about stewardship for the environment, as artists guide them through a fun and creative art making experience. For Ages 6-12 Years.

ArtStart’s portable art program brings artists to your site to present exciting arts programming that teaches about reuse and/or cultural arts. Workshops are generally geared for 2-hours. Workshops with an asterix * after the title can be adapted for larger groups or festivals.

Please contact Cindy Smith for more information and cost.

Jewelry from Junk*
Jewelry making with recycled materials such as micarta chips, beads, and buttons is a real art. Create a pin, a necklace or bracelet to jazz up your wardrobe.

See-D Mosaic
Combine natural materials and reuse. Using a variety of seeds from beans to lentils create a seed mosaic pattern or image in its own ready-made frame using a CD case.

Twig Books/Journals
Learn how to create art books and journals using twigs and leaves in new and unusual ways. Make sure to bring along your new journal to record your observations of nature.

Full Circle*
Turn your school locker or refrigerator into a work of art! Use discarded CD’s, bottle caps, strips of magnet, and fun photos, beads, or other objects and create a magnetic expression of who you are.

Inventor’s Workshop
Follow in the footsteps of the great inventors and create your own invention from a variety of fun and unusual scraps. Assemble your invention using tape, glue, and wire. Remember it is about the idea!

CD Mobiles and Coasters*
Capture the sparkle from the sunlight with this fun project. Using discarded CDs create a garden mobile that twirls in the wind and bright, colorful coasters for the picnic table.

Critter Headpieces*
Create a fanciful fish, frog, or turtle headpiece using a variety of colorful and creative materials. Then learn about how reusing materials can keep our waters healthy.

Shake, Rattle and Blow
Music comes alive with these handmade instruments. Start with the basic cone, tube, or hose and let your imagination soar to create a one-of-a-kind, never-seen-before musical instrument. Then shake, rattle and blow!

Garden Hats*
Using our special foam for the hat base, create a garden hat that is home to fruits and vegetables of the garden. Don’t forget to add the butterflies, ladybugs, ants, and bees to this perfect sun hat for gardening.

Goin’ Buggy With BugBots
BugBot-a machine or a bug-you decide. Using all sorts of discards, scraps, recycled materials and more create your own version of a BugBot inspired by the millions of insects that inhabit our world.

Adventure back in time and meet Titanoboa, a fierce cold blooded predator who dominated a world of giant creatures 85 million years ago. This recent fossil discovery in Columbia was 40 feet long and weighed more than a ton. Titanoboa could swallow a crocodile whole! Learn about this gigantic snake and create a world fit for this newly discovered reptile king using clay, papers and other art materials.

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