A Holiday Jewelry Bonanza!

Calling all artists, designers, creatives, makers and more…

If you are looking for gems, beads, vintage jewelry or findings priced for a song to use in your art or craft project, then ArtStart’s ArtScraps Holiday Jewelry Bonanza is for you!

Stop by ArtScraps on Dec. 2 or 3 from 10am – 6pm or Dec. 4 from 10am – 4pm and fill your shopping cart with donated jewelry bits and bobs priced as low as $.50 a bag!

Have a drawer full of costume, broken, or never worn jewelry? Here is your chance to support an arts organization and an artist, designer, creative or maker.
Please donate your jewelry by Nov. 30, 2021.

Stop by with sale-ready jewelry* items beginning November 18 on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays. ArtScraps is closed Sunday-Wednesday. If you need to bring in your donations on a day we are closed, please call 651-698-2787 to schedule drop-off.

*Sale-ready jewelry means items have been sorted by you, e.g. all loose wooden beads together, all loose crystal beads together, or individual jewelry pieces placed in small, clear bags. If you need bags for your jewelry donation, please stop by ArtScraps and pick some up for free. If you know jewelry items you donate contain precious gems or are rare, one-of-a-kind pieces, please mark a V (valuable) on the bag.

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