School Residency Program

Sparking Creativity
School Residency Program
school residency

Customized On-site School Residencies!
ArtStart is offering in-depth residencies to schools taught by artists trained in designing and presenting high quality, interactive instruction around a theme or topic.
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Whether exploring the relationship of the arts to ecology or culture or deepening a skill in an art form, an ArtStart residency is designed to encourage:


Creativity, The ability to combine existing knowledge or understanding in new and interesting ways to create innovative works of art; the imaginative idea; a unique personal expression.


CRAFTSMANSHIP, The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand; artistry; art that takes your breath away.


Protecting the environment through recycling/reuse, conservation, regeneration and restoration; creating art linked to the study of ecology; artful reuse.


CULTURAL AWARENESS, Drawing inspiration from the traditions and beliefs of different cultures that informs the creation of an art work; discovering beauty in the art of different cultures.


COLLABORATION, Working together with someone to produce or create something; the teacher-artist team; art projects that require communication and decision-making.


CELEBRATION, Honoring or acknowledging a special event, activity and/or person; a student art exhibit, a classroom sharing or a public performance— like ArtStart’s EcoArts Fest!
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