Summer Arts Camp

Passport to Egypt & TurkeyBook your flight to two fascinating countries: Egypt and Turkey! These countries are known as “transcontinentals” because their land mass spans two continents. Egypt bridges the Nile Valley in northern Africa to the Sinai in southern Asia. Turkey reaches into Asia and across southern Europe into the countries of Greece and Bulgaria. Join professional artists on this whirlwind tour of two fascinating countries as you explore their ecology, arts and culture. Participate in art, music, dance, and drama classes daily and create unique works of art and performances inspired by ancient Egyptian culture and Turkish traditions. Book your tour of these two fascinating countries now!

From the Pyramids:
Ancient Egypt
gypt is one of the oldest organized civilizations
on Earth, flourishing around the Nile River valley
for 3000 years. Famous for its pyramids, pharaohs,
mummies, hieroglyphics, and more, Ancient Egypt
left the modern world a rich cultural heritage that
sparks the imagination.

From Anatolia to the
Ottoman Empire: Turkey
Known as Anatolia prior to 1926, Turkish life was
influenced by Persian, Greek, Roman, and Ottoman cultures over thousands of years. Turkish carpets, decorative calligraphy, painted ceramics and elaborate mosque architecture are the artistic legacy of this country.

Ages 6-12 years
Half day = $225 per week (Offered both morning & afternoon)
Full day = $425 per week

A Start with the Arts – Ages 4-5 years
Half day = $225 per week (Offered both morning only)

Register for 2 classes if attending half day or 4 classes if attending for a full day. We can’t guarantee you will get all of your top choices, but we will do our best to accommodate all requests. We support children attending camp with a friend and will place them in the same class if possible.

Early Bird Registration for all Summer Camps!!  Saturday, February 4, 2023 10 am-4 pm
5% of total tuition waived for all Summer Camps (Camp Create for Teens, Start with the Arts for Preschoolers, and Youth Ages 6-12 years)
ArtStart’s ArtScraps 1459 St. Clair Ave. Saint Paul, MN or on-line

Deadline to register: Monday, June 2, 2023. Parent letters with detailed information and policies will be sent out 3 weeks before the start of class.
COVID-19/VARIANTS POLICY All classes are held indoors in classrooms. If COVID is an issue Summer 2023, children, artists, and staff will be asked to wear masks for their own safety. Because ArtStart rents space at Mount Zion, we are contractually obligated to follow their policy at the time the summer camp is implemented. Families will be notified about the status of this requirement in the June information letter sent by e-mail and also as a hard copy through the US mail. Please note the refund deadlines, in case your family chooses to withdraw from camp.


Uniquely Egyptian
Egyptian painting is very unique. The head of a person or animal in a painting is seen from the side while the body is seen from the front! Work with artist Karen Anderson to create colorful paintings with highlights of gold inspired by ancient Egyptian paintings.

402 CLAY
From Pots to Statues
The Egyptians were one of the first cultures in the world to create pottery! Early pottery was created for use in the home; later pottery for decoration. Work with master potter, Lisa Himmelstrup to learn the history of ancient Egyptian pottery and clay techniques, as you create a variety of pottery pieces inspired by ancient Egypt.

Out from the Shadows
The first puppets found in tombs were more like children’s toys than puppets. In the 10th century
shadow puppets made of leather were brought from Asia to Egypt. Join artists Julie and Gustavo
Boada to retell the story of the Benu Bird, the bringer of light to the ancient Egyptian world through
this shadow puppet tradition.

The Art of Herbology
Ancient Egyptian priests and physicians prescribed herbal medications made from thyme, fennel, garlic, juniper and other plants. Work with artist Laurie Witzkowski to make salves and syrups from plants, recording the recipe for each with pen and ink on Egyptian papyrus.

Mummies and More
The practice of preserving a body as a mummy is widespread across the globe. In ancient Egypt everyone except for criminals, was entitled to be embalmed and receive a decent burial. Join artist Jeanette Dickinson to uncover the secrets of mummification from canopic jars to sarcophagi. Then create your own mummy and sarcophagus!


Animals of the Nile River
Contrasted with the ancient Egyptian style of painting, artist Karen Anderson teaches modern drawing and painting techniques. Then using watercolors paint your own masterpiece of a hippo, a crocodile, ibis or other animal from the Nile River Valley which would have been seen by the ancient Egyptians!

Imagine yourself as an Egyptian scribe working for the Pharaoh Tutankhamun to record the stocks of foods, tax records, magic spells and more in writing! Knowing the system of hieroglyphics would be a
basic skill. Work with artist Anne Sawyer to decipher, practice and write in Egyptian hieroglyphics to
create a book of magical spells.

The Golden Mask of King Tut
Tutankhamun or King Tut ruled Egypt for only 10 years until his death at age 19 years. His tomb was discovered filled with treasures including his death mask. Work with artists Julie and Gustavo Boada to create a golden mask inspired by King Tut’s mask.

From Pyramids to Obelisks
Learn about the Great Pyramids of Giza, tombs for
the Pharaohs. Pyramids were filled with objects to
accompany the ruler into the next world and often
were flanked by obelisks. Work with artist Laurie Witzkowski to create your own pyramid and obelisk. What will be in your pyramid?

Adorned and Bejeweled
Everyone in Egypt wore jewelry! The wealthy wore pieces made from semi-precious stones, gold, and glass beads. Less wealthy wore jewelry made from painted clay, shells, and animal teeth. Join artist Jeanette Dickinson to create amulets, neck pieces, and arm bracelets inspired by ancient Egyptian jewelry.


A miniature or a “nakish” in Ottoman Turkey, is just what its name says, a mini-sized painting. Miniatures are one of the most popular forms of traditional Turkish art composed of bright, bold colors. Join artist Karen Anderson to create your miniature

Weaving a Magic Carpet
Carpets from Turkey are known as kilims and are used as rugs, wall coverings, saddle pads, and some say, even for magical rides through the sky! Join artist Laurie Witzkowski to make your own basic loom, the kind used for centuries. Then weave a small kilim of bright colors.

Folk Dance of Turkey
Join dancer and dance educator Christopher Yaeger to experience the folk dance traditions of Turkey. A class with lots of spirited movement, you learn steps, patterns and gestures of popular folk dances.

Hagia Sophia – A Mosaic Marvel
Built in the 600s, the Hagia Sophia has been a beautiful attraction for centuries in Istanbul. Built as a Christian Orthodox church, it was transformed into a mosque by the Ottomans. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to create geometric tiles inspired by those of the Hagia Sophia.

505 FILM
Yeşilçam – The Hollywood of Turkey
In the 1960’s everyone in Turkey could afford to go to the movies! Known as Yeşilçam, many of these low-cost films featured super heroes with super powers. Work with Julie and Gustavo Boada to create your super hero story. Then adapt it as a crankie, or a moving picture.


Iznik Ware Inspired
Iznik pottery first began in the town of Iznik, Turkey. Influenced by Chinese porcelain, Iznik pottery is painted with designs instead of glazed. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to design and paint your own set of Iznik-inspired tiles.

Crochet Turkish Style
Turkish crochet or Oya, is a type of thread crochet that uses a small hook and specific types of stitches to create a lacy design. Work with artist Julie Boada to learn the basics of crochet. Then try your hand at Oya crocheting to create wearable art.

The Magic of Shadow Puppets
Talking animals, flying horses, birds that magically change into beautiful maidens, magical objects
all come alive in Turkish fairy tales. Work with artist Anne Sawyer to create colorful shadow puppets
in the Turkish Karagoz style to retell Turkish folktales.

Ebru Turkish Paper Marbling
Ebru is the Turkish art of creating patterns with color pigments sprinkled into a pan of oily water. Dip your paper in and be ready for something magical. Join artist Meg Erke to learn the art of ebru and create a beautiful handmade book.

The Art of Doll Making
Join artist Gustavo Boada to create your own hand sewn Turkish folkart doll using papier maché. Paint the facial features. Then use a variety of fabrics and trims to sew an outfit for your doll inspired by regional dress. This class is geared for both boys and girls.

A Caravan of Camels
Turkish camels mainly have one hump. Known as a ‘beast of burden’ they transport goods and people and also provide milk. Create your own camel using papier maché, found objects, and fabric. Then enjoy a tasty sweet treat made from camel’s milk!

A Start With the Arts

JULY 10-14 & JULY 17-21
8:30-11:30 AM

Pre-school children ages 4-5 years register for “A Start with the
Arts” offered morning only Monday-Friday, both weeks.
Passport to Egypt and Turkey features a variety of art projects and
hands-on activities inspired by the ancient culture of Egypt Week 1
and the Ottoman culture of Turkey Week 2. Nature study, including
animals and plants unique to these countries art, music, stories,
creative dramatics, and movement are all featured in this exciting
introduction to an ancient and a living culture. Please see our
COVID-19 and Variants policy.


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