ArtStart’s Spring Camp

From the tiny pygmy shrew to the mighty red deer, Ireland’s grasslands, forests and bogs boast many creatures. Work with artist Gustavo Boada to learn the technique of dry needle felting as you create your favorite Irish animal: a red fox, a hare, or even a hedgehog! Use felting tools and colorful roving to create your own wooly wonder.

Leprechauns and fairies, giants and banshees! Ireland has long been known for its magical folk, called the Aos sí, or “the Good People.” Explore some of these exciting stories with artist Julie Boada, and make rod puppets to create your own adventure inspired by these tales.

The Druids, who were the spiritual guides and healers of the Celts, had a profound connection to the forests. Learn with artist Laurie Witzkowski about the cultural and medicinal uses of various trees. Next, working with pen, ink, and watercolor, make a mandala of your favorite one. Then channel your inner Druid, and make some tree medicine!

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