ArtStart’s Spring Camp

Monday – Thursday: April 3-6, 2023

Celebrating Spring With ArtStart

Calling all school age youth, ages 6-12 years old, who love science and art! “Spring has sprung! The grass has riz! I wonder where the birdies is?”

Look no further than right here at ArtStart! Join ArtStart artists for mornings filled with three art and science projects that celebrate Spring and nurture your imagination! You work in all three classes daily from 9 am-12:15 pm.

Date: April 3-6, 2023
9 am-12:15 pm
Ages: 6-12 years old
Location: Mount Zion
1300 Summit Ave. Saint Paul, MN.
Tuition: $225.00

Of Bees, Butterflies and Bots!
Artist Gustavo Boada helps you design a never-seen-before insect. Inspired by “true insects” like bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and beetles use all sorts of discards, scraps, recycled materials and more to create your unique insect. Next using simple circuitry and batteries transform your insect into a robot! Finally, like an entomologist or a scientist who studies insects, name, classify and display your insect in its habitat.

Becoming A Bird Hang Out
Backyards are busy places for all birds in Spring, both migratory and those who stay over the winter. Learn about the birds in your backyard or neighborhood with artist Jeanette Dickinson. Then construct a wooden bird house.Paint and decorate it. Then create a bird feeder from a tennis ball container and fill with bird seed. Place them somewhere safe outdoors. Now watch as your backyard becomes a popular bird hang out!

Beyond the Vegetable and Flower Garden
Gardens have many purposes beside places to grow food or raise flowers when the sun warms the earth. Gardens can be places where almost invisible wee creatures like elves, fairies and gnomes set up their homes. Or gardens can be quiet places to reflect on the beauty of nature like a Japanese Zen garden. Work with artist Laurie Witzkowski and create a miniature Fairy Garden and miniature Zen Garden from a variety of reuse and recycled materials.

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