River EcoJourney’s curriculum

River EcoJourneys is an arts-based, interdisciplinary curriculum designed to teach 3rd – 6th grade students how to care for Minnesota’s rivers through watershed stewardship and nonpoint source pollution prevention. Through a series of sequential lessons, River EcoJourneys creates a framework for students to better understand the river environment and how human activities can cause pollution and impact people and wildlife. With their newfound understanding, students learn to care about the quality of life in their watershed and take action by proposing solutions to keep it healthy.

The River EcoJourneys curriculum turns the classroom into an engaging learning environment where Art meets Science.Students unleash the power of the creative process to discover scientific knowledge.
As a result, Grades 3 – 6 students meet some of Minnesota’s Graduation Standards in Art and Science.

The River EcoJourney curriculum can be purchased for $55.00 + $3 shipping

We invite you to join us on this journey of creative exploration and discovery. The destination is an understanding that leads you and your students to care for the life found within your watershed. An understanding that prompts you to take action to protect it for now and ever more.

The River EcoJourney lessons consist of four units.

In Unit 1: Water, Water, Everywhere
Students begin their journey by using visual arts, poetry, music, movement and hands-on experiments to learn about the importance and properties of water.

In Unit 3: Our Watersheds Come Alive!
Students learn about watershed habits, plants, animals, and food chains through visual arts

In Unit 2: Watershed Wisdom
Students learn about watersheds and river pollution prevention through mapping, model-making and hands-on experiments.

In Unit 4: Bringing it All Together
Students create culminating art projects that synthesize all the information learned: Grades 3 and 4 students create a diorama of river habitats and its life; Grades 4 and 5 students create an interactive watershed mural; and Grades 5 and 6 students produce a puppet show called “Watershed Wishes”.

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