A World-Building Creative Writing & Art Camp

From Narnia to Harry Potter’s Wizarding World, stories have the power to transport us to a different reality. Some of the most engaging ones create a whole alternate universe, where cowardly lions battle their fears, kids go on dangerous quests, and dragons soar through the skies. In this camp, you’ll get to create your own fantasy world with words and images, and plunge into creating stories to rival those from Oz or Nim.

Prospect Park United Methodist Church
22 Orlin Avenue SE
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Half-day: $250 (morning or afternoon session)
Full day: $450

Save 10% or $50 for a full day registration (morning & afternoon sessions) by entering FULLDAYFAN24 on checkout.

Partial scholarships available upon request.

Class Schedule

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Young writers, journey into world-building with us! Explore haunted and mysterious places, crafting thrilling tales. Join our exciting journey where we create page turning and spine-tingling stories to tell around a campfire!

Karlyn Coleman

Taught by Karlyn Coleman
Karlyn Coleman is an award-winning writer, teacher, and creative collaborator based in Minneapolis. She is a certified teacher and has taught at the Loft Literary Center for over ten years and has been a part of the Young Author’s Conference for the past four years. She loves visiting schools, libraries, and youth organizations to share writing activities of all kinds. www.karlyncoleman.com

So often a story begins with a simple question: What would happen if…? What would happen if octopuses took over the world? What would happen if our memories began to disappear? In this class, we’ll design worlds and characters that stem from one of your questions. Whether you imagine an underwater utopia or an oil spill in the Mississippi or a blossoming community orchard in Saint Paul, we’ll take your seeds and create dioramas, masks, and written books that explore a world! This will be a class of play and artmaking in addition to writing!

aegor ray

Taught by aegor ray
aegor ray is a writer and community organizer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was a Loft Mentor Series Fellow in poetry, a participant in Tin House Summer Workshops and a Lambda Literary Scholar. He is a Sagittarius.

Visual artists and writers often inspire each other to both create in fun new ways and push boundaries: poems have been written about paintings, songs about tv shows, and movies about books. Artists and writers also find ways to combine their creativity and work together using illustration, posters, and more. In this camp, you’ll work together to inspire each other and create pieces that combine art with writing. Our final project will be a poetic graphic novel.

Allison Blevins

Taught by Allison Blevins
Allison Blevins is the author of Where Will We Live if the House Burns Down (Persea Books, forthcoming), winner of the 2023 Lexi Rudnitsky Editor’s Choice Award, and three other full length collections. She is also the author of five chapbooks. Allison is the Founder and Director of Small Harbor Publishing. www.allisonblevins.com

In this course, we will come together to build a dynamic world and then have an adventure in it. We will create exciting characters to embody in the world we build, and using dice, magic, a few rules and our imaginations, explore and expand that universe as we quest.

josie hegarty

Taught by josie hegarty
josie hegarty (they/she) is a poet and lifelong player of tabletop role playing games who lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She is a graduate of the Hamline University MFA and a Fellow of the Loft Mentor Series for 2023-2024.

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