NEW! ArtStart’s ArtScraps Donation Policy

(Effective 9/1/14)
We are very grateful to all of our donors. Because of continuing lack of space and storage for donations, we are asking ALL of our donors to please follow our new donation policy.

1. All donations are now by appointment only. Please call 651-698-2787 to speak with an ArtScraps retail person to schedule your donation.

2. Donations days are Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday between 10 am-5 pm.

3. Donations should be multiples of an item, clean, and useable by youth or artists.

4. The list of items we are looking for is on our website at Material Donations page.

5. Staff reserve the right to accept a donation in part or not at all upon viewing it.

Thank you!
ArtStart’s ArtScraps Staff

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