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Cultural Arts Workshops emphasize learning about other cultures, art forms and celebrations, while promoting our common bond as people reliant on a healthy environment worldwide.

Projects often combine reuse or natural materials with traditional art materials. Many projects can be completed in a single workshop. Others are better suited for an immersion program in which children participate in a series of workshops over time. Besides helping youth create exciting artistic products, many artists share artifacts, clothing and their own artwork. For Ages 6-12 Years.

ArtStart’s portable art program brings artists to your site to present exciting arts programming that teaches about reuse and/or cultural arts.

Workshops are generally geared for 2-hours. Workshops with an asterix * after the title can be adapted for larger groups or festivals.

Please contact Cindy Smith for more information and cost.

Japanese Folk Art Traditions
Get ready for a travel adventure to Japan led by artist Linda Hashimoto! As you explore the customs and traditions of Japanese culture, you learn how to make origami, create your own Japanese lantern, taste different foods, dress in a kimono or obi, and perform several Japanese dances.

A Haitian Adventure
Buses and trucks are the main form of public transportation in Haiti. Many vehicles have colorful images of village and city life painted all over them. Called tap-taps, people tap on the side of the vehicle to signal they need a ride. Join artists from ArtStart and create your own small art car or bus using all sorts of reuse materials.

Folkart and Traditions of India
What better time than Fall to take a whirlwind tour of India with artist Shakun Maheshwari. You explore the customs and traditions of Indian culture, look at clothing, and learn words and phrases in Hindi. Then you create a drawing and painting using traditional Indian designs.

Caribbean Shell Frame Art
Join us for an imaginary tour of the Bahamas, islands in the Caribbean. Combine sea shells, beads, small mirrors, and more to create a decorative frame. Add your favorite photo or drawing and you have a keepsake for life.

Oaxacan Folkart Painting
The jaguar, rattlesnake, toad, jackrabbit, coyote, butterfly and hummingbird are all animals native to Mexico. Inspired by the book Dream Carver, illustrated by artist Amy Cordova, learn about the Oaxacan folkart tradition. Then draw and paint these amazing creatures on canvas in the Oaxacan folkart style.

The African Gris Gris
A gris gris is a decorated pouch that holds something that might bring good luck. The gris gris is worn around the neck or can be attached to the belt. Using leather or fabric create your own shape, size, and color of gris gris to hold your good luck charm or other special contents.

The Secret of the Mummies
Uncover the secrets of Ancient Egypt with an artist and expedition guide learning about everything from mummification to writing and translating hieroglyphics. Sign up today and get your passport to adventure through art!

Patterns in Cloth
Learn traditional West African patterns to create beautiful textiles working with an artist. Learn how to design and print your own adinkrah symbols and create a piece of wearable art or decorative table runner.

Quilting-Gees Bend Quilters
Work with artist Robin Getsug to explore the brilliant, bold and dynamic quilts created by a group of women who live in the isolated, African-American town of Gee’s Bend, Alabama. Design and create your own mini-quilt inspired by these quilts combining papers, fabric, and paint.

Spirits of the Arctic Circle
Explore the culture of the Yup’ik people who live in Western Alaska. Each Yup’ik mask represents the spirit of a mammal, bird, fish, insect, plant, ice or other object of everyday life. Work with artist Julie Kastigar Boada to create a modern version of a Yup’ik mask representing your favorite animal of the Arctic.

Patterns of Life-Native American Bead Arts
Julie Kastigar Boada of the Fond du lac nation introduces the art of beading. Learn how patterns and colors can reflect tribal and family affiliations. Then create your own bead work. Previous sewing experience is recommended.

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