ArtStart offers both performances and workshops led by professional artists who bring music, art, dance, and stories of diverse cultures into the classroom or community programs. All performances/workshops listed below can be expanded into a school residency program.
The cost of each performance and art workshop varies. Ages 5-12+ Years

*Transportation outside the 7-county Metro area is an additional fee.
For more information and pricing, please contact Cindy Smith or call 651-698-2787.


Around the World Through Music
Take a whirlwind musical journey around the world with Tim O’Keefe and professional musicians of Music Mundial. Experience the sites and sounds many different musical instruments from the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Asia as Music Mundial performs a variety of musical styles. Audience participation is a highlight of this dynamic program. Limited to 20 -25 participants/hour. Drums provided.


Hidden History
This Toy Theater created by artists Julie Kastigar Boada and Gustavo Boada
explores the history of the region that is now Minnesota and Wisconsin prior to the arrival of European settlers. It is a pertinent story of the rich cultures that were and are still here. These stories are important to all of us because they rise up out of the land we all now share. A 45-minute to 1 hour workshop can also be scheduled directly after the performance in which participants create a toy theater that honors an American Indian leader/hero.

Coyote Sing
Hear stories of coyote the trickster, illustrated with brightly colored scenes and puppets and performed by Julie Kastigar Boada and Gustavo Boada. As you grow to know Coyote you gain some understanding of American Indian cultures and history. Coyote reminds all of us to laugh and not to take ourselves too seriously. A 45-minute to 1 hour workshop can also be scheduled directly after the performance in which participants make a rod puppet of an animal from North America.

Skeletons in the Closet:A Day of the Dead
(Calacas en il Closet, Una Historia Del Dia De Los Muertos)

Through the eyes of two children we discover the traditions and meaning of the Dio De Los Muertos. This bilingual (Spanish and English) puppet show also gently teaches that love continues after death. A 45-minute to 1 hour workshop can also be scheduled directly after the performance to work with puppeteers, Julie Kastigar Boada and Gustavo Boada, and create a skeleton nicho to remember and honor a departed loved one.


Mardi Gras Parade
Join dance instructor Christopher Yaeger as he takes you on a colorful journey of early Jazz dance and music from New Orleans to Minnesota. Learn to move to some of Dixieland’s favorite Jazz melodies, as you explore pantomime and improvisation through dance.

Minnesota History in Motion
Take a whirlwind tour of Minnesota history with dancer Christopher Yaeger! Learn the dances of the French Voyageurs and immigrant communities from Sweden to Puerto Rico -all contributors to the rich mosaic of Minnesota culture.

European Adventures
Grab your passport and discover Europe through dance. Dance instructor Christopher Yaeger helps you fill out your passport as you learn both country dances and dances of the royal court from countries such as Switzerland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and Austria. Make sure to book your trip today!

Boston Tea Party
Join Dancer Christopher Yaeger as he shares dances from the 18th Century, when America was divided into English, French and Spanish colonies. Learn to dance the Virginia Reel, try out some French Gigue steps, and kick up your heels as we celebrate the freedom of becoming a country of united states.


Drums of West Africa
Work with master drummer, Ghana Mbaye from Senegal, and learn how to drum on authentic African drums, including the djembe. Practice basic rhythmic patterns that have been passed on for generations and perform for family and friends. Limited to 20 participants/hour. Drums provided.

Drum Ensemble
Professional musician Tim O’Keefe offers a wide variety of mainly world drum ensembles from Latin America to the Middle East and beyond. These ensembles can be hand drums or stick drums, all authentic and can be provided upon request. Tim has been teaching for over twenty-five years and all of these workshops have been taught in public schools, churches and colleges as single day workshops or residencies. Materials are age and level appropriate. Some of the specialty drums workshops include:

• Brazil! Learn about the history and cultural importance of traditional samba drums including surdo, tamborim, caixa, repenique and others. Practice as an ensemble maintaining your rhythm as multiple parts are performed. Then perform for family, friends, or classmates traditional samba arrangements. If time permits, participants create their own original arrangement.Limited to 20 participants/hour. Drums provided. Special pricing-drum rental and travel.

• Drums of the Middle East Listen to a brief overview of the history and music theory of Middle Eastern musics. Then learn the different hand techniques needed to play drums such as darabuka(doumbeck), riqq, tar and tabl. Then perform as an ensemble playing your favorite drum. Limited to 20 participants/hour. Drums provided. Special pricing-drum rental and travel.

• World Drum Ensemble Explore the world of drums from the collection of Tim O’Keefe in tis hands-on presentation. Learn about the origins and history of instruments such as berimbau, duduk, oud, cavaquinho and many more. Limited to 20 participants/hour. Drums provided. Special pricing-drum rental and travel.


Storytellers Delight!
Tales of Anansi the Spider, the great trickster, and other stories are the stuff of our art and storytelling class. Listen as storyteller Nothando Zulu tells a story that teaches an important life lesson. Then work with an artist to create your own spider using a variety of creative materials.


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