The Artist’s Studio

2-Hour Workshops for Teens

In the Artist’s Studio for Teens youth focus on visual arts projects that teach the elements and principles of design using different media.  Each workshop features a famous artist and his/her work to motivate the lesson.  Learn about the artist’s life and discuss the work. Then they create a painting, sculpture, print, or collage inspired by this work. These workshops are designed to serve 20-25 participants over a two-hour period using traditional art materials combined with reuse materials.  

For more information and pricing, contact Cindy Smith

Game On!
Imagine a world where every day your life depended on meeting some kind of challenge. Choose two projects to complete in two hours working with an ArtStart artist. A person unknown to the participants, the artist, or library staff picks the winner of these creative thinking challenges. First-place winners in each category receive a $5.00 gift certificate to ArtStart’s ArtScraps.

  • Challenge #1-Design and create a book from a box.
  • Challenge #2-Make a structure that stands 3′ tall using paper, tape, and four pencils. It must include both straight and curved lines.
  • Challenge #3-Draw and paint your self-portrait blindfolded.
  • Cartooning Master Class
    Work with artist Duane Barnhart, author of Cartooning Basics, to learn the art of cartooning. Look at originals of Warner Brothers and Disney animation art as well as examples of original comic strips/comic books and discuss how they were created. Then create your own cartoon character using techniques taught at the Disney Institute and end the session by creating a two-part animation. Special pricing.

    Words That Attract
    Work with an artist to create magnetic poetry word strips. Then design and decorate a box that contains your magnetic poetry word strips. These handmade magnetic poetry kits make terrific gifts!

    Metal Work-Milagros-Symbols of Hope
    From ancient to contemporary Mexico, the delicate craft of milagro has been part of the Mexican culture. Make your own relief designs using gold, silver and copper heavy foil and practice the art of metal tooling. Limited to 20 participants

    Japanese Chirimen Art
    Chirimen is a traditional Japanese weaving technique that was first developed during the Edo period in Japan to create beautiful fabrics. Work with an artist to create a variety of miniature animals from owls to rabbits and more.

    Japanese Kites or Carp Windsocks
    Let your imagination soar! ArtStart artists bring both a love and knowledge of Japanese kite making techniques. Look at authentic Japanese kites. Then design and build your own kite that really flies. Or learn how to create a fish windsock based on the Japanese carp image.

    Yoga and Art
    Work with artist Robin Getsug to explore your creative artist within through yoga and art. Establish a sense of tranquility and reflection through yoga exercises that open your artistic eye to new possibilities. Then using a variety of materials, create your own personal daily journal in which you can reflect each day through writing or drawing.

    Puerto Rican Rag Dolls
    Work with an artist to create a rag doll that is inspired by the jibaro or mountain people of Puerto Rico. Use colored fabrics from ArtStart’s ArtScraps to create your doll and add details that make your doll a truly authentic Puerto Rican creation.

    Frida Kahlo-The Self Portrait
    In the Kahlo studio youth learn how to draw their own self-portrait. Using a mirror they create thumbnail sketches of themselves that focus on line, shape, and proportion. Next they look at Kahlo’s self-portrait work and discuss the symbolism. Finally, youth draw and paint their own self-portrait incorporating personal symbols.

    Antoni Gaudi-Architecture Inspired by Nature
    In the Gaudi studio youth learn about Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi, whose work was greatly influenced by forms of nature. They look at buildings that Gaudi designed, determine what natural forms inspired him, and compare and contrast his buildings to those they are familiar with in their own community. Finally, youth design and build their own architectural form in the style of Gaudi.

    Joseph Cornell-In and Out of the Box
    In the Cornell studio youth learn how to create micro-worlds. They explore deep and shallow space, as well as scale and proportion. After discussing Cornell’s work, youth develop a theme and choose from a variety of materials to create their own micro-world.

    Romare Beardon-Collage-Word and Image
    In the Beardon studio youth learn how to combine image and word. They look at the work of African-American artist Romare Beardon and discuss how collage as an art form has both meaning and message. Then youth use magazines, maps, puzzle pieces, a variety of cut and torn paper scraps, and handmade stamps and ink to create their own personal collage.

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