Art a la Carte

Art a la CarteFor adults and teens
All classes are taught by professional artists who help you imagine possibilities and demonstrate processes and techniques characteristic of certain materials. Classes are designed for success. All art materials are provided by ArtStart unless otherwise noted.
Please register at least 2 weeks before the class is to be held.

FEE: $55/person non-refundable
DATE/TIME: Your choice

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Art a la Carte classes are for small groups who enjoy making art together. These two-hour classes can be held at ArtStart or at a location convenient to the group—we bring the art materials and artist to you at no extra charge!

Workshops are 2 hours in length. If you would like to bring refreshments, please do so.

Note: A minimum of 6 participants/group must be confirmed by the person registering the group. Maximum enrollment is 10 participants.
There are no refunds once the group registration is confirmed.

The Vivid Vase
If you have a shelf full of clear glass vases that you have collected over the years, we have the perfect solution to giving them pizazz and new life! Work with an artist to add color and design using alcohol paints. You will be amazed at the outcome. Bring your own vase or we will provide one.

Bask in the gentle glow of a luminary created with an artist. You will be amazed at how a few well-chosen decorative elements and a large dose of imagination make this simple project a work of art perfect for any occasion!

Paper Quilling
The art of quilling, or the coiling and shaping of narrow paper strips to create a design, has been around for hundreds of years. Join an artist to design and make your own special quilling work for cards or framed art works.

Micro Mosaic
Bring small treasures or photos you have collected from trips, events or loved ones to class. Items should be no larger than 1” x 1”. Then learn simple jewelry techniques working with micro images, beads and more with an artist to turn your memories into wearable art.

The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol found around the world in many cultures. Learn about the history and meaning behind the symbol of the Tree of Life and create your own circular pendant.

Anishinaabe Beadwork
Julie Boada of the Fond du Lac nation introduces the art of beading. Learn how patterns and colors can signify tribal and family affiliations. Then create your own bead work, as Julie tells traditional stories of her people.

Sumie Brush and Ink Painting
Nature is an important theme in Japanese art. Work with artist Jeanette Dickinson to learn the traditional art of ink and brush painting or sumie.

Painting on Glass
Brought to the Americas by the Spaniards and Europeans, painting on glass is a technique that has been used for centuries. Work with an artist to learn this specialized technique and create your own masterpiece.

Mandala Art
The ancient art of the mandala meets the river rock formed by geological forces millions of years ago. Choose your favorite river rock and using metallic and vibrant colored paint pens, create your own miniature mandala. Use as a paperweight or just a decorative element in your home.

Design Your Own Workshop
Do you have a special occasion coming up or you just want to get together with friends in an informal and fun setting? We are ready and able to bring to life the concept or project that you have in mind.

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